Privacy Policy

Humanity First is a registered charity (Reg No 1149693), having its main office at Unit 27, Red Lion Business Park, Surbiton, KT6 7QD. We would like to assure all its supporters, donors, clients, volunteers, professional networks/ individuals and staff that Humanity First is committed to keeping your personal data safe in accordance with the specific laws/ regulations in relation to data protection.

The policy covers the following areas:

How Humanity First collects your personal information/ data

What type of personal information/ data we collect

How Humanity First will use your information/ data

How Humanity First will share your information/ data with any third parties (only if you give your consent)

How we will take your consent (you can change your preferences at any time)

How Humanity First will store your information in our systems and for how long

Humanity First cookies policy (as to how we analysis your information/ data to improve our services)

In case, if any further information/ clarification is required, kindly e-mail us on

Collecting your personal information/ data

Humanity First collects your personal information/ data, when you subscribe to Humanity First through the website ( ) or contact us via telephone (on 020 84170082) or by e-mail (, to subscribe to our mailing service, or to inquire about our activities, fundraising campaigns, our events, volunteering opportunities or jobs.

Humanity First may also collect your personal information/ data from any third party, where you have agreed with them to share your personal information/ data with any third parties e.g Justgiving, Chaity Checkout and MailChimp.

In general, Humanity First only collects your personal information/ data with which, we can suitably identity you and are able to make any future contacts with you, for example: your name, e-mail address, telephone number, gender, date of birth (age group), postal address, your areas of expertise in case you want to volunteer with us.

We do not collect your personal sensitive information/ data, such as your ethnicity, your religious beliefs, your sexual orientation, your trade union memberships, your political opinions, your health records, criminal convictions etc. We may only require some personal sensitive information/ data, if we legally require it, for example: you volunteer to work with us for a children programme, we may need to ask you for your DBS checks or similar information/ data. We will always approach you and give you a reason for which we require this information/ data. Your personal data and personal sensitive data will always be held in secure systems and will be handled discretely by only authorised individuals.

Using your information/ data

In general, Humanity First will use your personal information/ data to make future contacts with you (provided you have agreed/ consented us to do so), we will share information about Humanity First activities, future events, campaigns, volunteering opportunities, and/ or if you work with us and/ or to respond to your queries, or in response to a crisis/ emergency/ natural disaster (If you wish to do so).

You will have a right to change your preferences of receiving any future information or change (cancel) your information/ data processing by us, at any point in time (you can send us an e-mail on ) or by logging into your account from our website.

You will also have a right to ask us, what information/ data we hold about you in our systems, you may send us a formal letter (not an e-mail or a phone call), and it is to establish that we are sharing your personal information / data with you only through post. We may ask for a proof of address and your identity (it is to ensure that your personal data/ information) is not received by anyone else.

Sharing your information/ data

In general, Humanity First will not sell your personal information/ data to any third parties. We may only share your personal information/ data with any third parties, where you have allowed us/ agreed/ permitted us to do so, with those who work with us (for example: Mailchimp, Pension Providers) Any information shared with any third parties, will be under a formal written agreement between Humanity First and those third parties, ensuring that they do not pass on your information/ data any further and must ensure your privacy.

In addition, from time to time we may share your personal information/ data with other organisations (e.g. law enforcement agencies, if there is a legitimate reason to do so) for the purposes of fraud and credit risk reduction. We may also share information with our financial and legal advisers for the purposes of obtaining advice and protecting our legal rights. We may also share your information with the emergency services if we think there is a potential risk of serious harm or abuse to you or someone else.

Humanity First will make every effort to ensure security of your personal information/ data held by us in our systems but transferring of information/ data on internet is not 100% secure, we can not guarantee, if your personal information/ data is hacked while in transition (being transferred to us by you through any insecure server/ location etc). In case of any breach, we are bound to report it to the ICO – Information Commissioners Office, within a 72 hours period and will also inform you at the earliest.

Your Consent (you can change your preferences at any time)

At the time of collection of your personal information/ data, Humanity First will ensure that you give your free consent to us by Opting In (ticking √ the box ¨ ), to contact you in future with the most preferred method, for example: via telephone only, text only, e-mail only, post only or not at all. There will be no pre-ticked boxes ( þ ) on the consent form, where you will have to choose to Opt Out. You will have the opportunity to change your preferences at any time, by calling us on 020 84170082 or by e-mailing us on or by logging on to the website and change your preferences.

Although, Humanity First will make every effort to ensure that any information/ data we hold about you is accurate, but in case any of your personal information/ data changes (for example: your phone number or address), we would appreciate, if you could kindly let us know, so we can update our database with your accurate information/ data. You can write to us on .

Storing your information in our systems

Humanity First will store your personal information/ data in secure servers on the cloud, there will be no personal information/ data stored in personal laptops/ personal computers, or USBs/ Portable drives.

Your consent will be valid for three-years, then Humanity First will again write to you to request you to refresh your consent. Your personal information/ data will not be withheld/ stored for any duration longer than it is required. It will only be held in our secured systems, as to comply with the legal requirements.

Humanity First’s cookies policy

Cookies policy.

Making Complaints

In case, if at any point in time, you would like to make a formal complaint to Humanity First, you may do so, by sending us an e-mail on . Your complaint will be dealt by Humanity First’s management as per Humanity First’s complaints policy. You have a right to approach the Information Commissioners Office (ICO) to make a complaint, but we will appreciate, if you could provide us an opportunity to discuss and resolve the matter first.

Changes to the Privacy Policy

Humanity First will review the privacy policy on periodic basis and any required changes will be made to the privacy policy. You are requested to visit our website and privacy policy from time to time to review the changes. We will clearly state, when the privacy policy was last updated.